Welcome to my personal blog – Walking the Hippo!


As a stay-at-home-mum to a very active little boy, I decided to write this blog in order to share my personal experiences with depression, postnatal depression (also known as postpartum depression), anxiety and my foray into motherhood and what it can really be like at times. Then throw in other general musings and thoughts on life. My goal was to write weekly, but…that is a work-in-progress in itself due to being a full-time mummy to a toddler.

The title of my personal blog – ‘Walking the Hippo’ – refers to the part of the brain known as the hippocampus. Hence, my blog is about the stories behind my own personal hippo, the steps my hippo takes each day in trying to stay healthy, and the experiences that my hippo comes into along the way. When it comes to my everyday life and general musings, my goal is to try and keep things “real” – not glossed over or filtered. I really just want to tell the stories the way it is; no dressing up or glamourising here. I am hoping that honesty really is the best policy! It’s okay not to be a perfect human; it’s okay to have flaws; it’s okay to fess up to being a continuous student of life. I have experienced a few learning curves in my lifetime to date and the thing is that there’s always one around the corner…

Further to the above, my personal experiences with depression has led me along the path of introspection on many, many things. Specifically, it has made me realise that I need to reinstate some self-love into my life in the form of childhood passion/s. In particular, my childhood self loved reading books and making up my own stories. As a young girl my first love was writing stories! My second love was theatre arts – as a teen I had loved drama classes and performing. My third creative love was the spoken word – public speaking. I am not a professional on any of these creative paths that I once pursued. However, here I am with a personal blog telling my very personal life stories in various shades and chapters; giving myself some form of creative expression. I might even throw in a book review or two (once I find the time to read them!).

Personal journey or not – thank you for reading me and taking the time to do so. Just so you know, I’m not aiming to impress anyone.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell. These are my stories.